Art galleries in Guatemala City

Art galleries in Guatemala City

Guatemala is a multifaceted country where art is constantly appreciated and promoted. If you are one of those who always wants to learn something new, there are different art galleries in Antigua, Guatemala and in the capital, to enjoy the Guatemalan culture. Whether you are passionate about traditional or contemporary art, today we want to introduce you to five options that you will love.

Art galleries in Guatemala that will impress you

  • Carlos Merida National Museum of Modern Art
  • La Erre
  • Rozas Botrán Foundation
  • El Túnel Gallery
  • The Old Art Gallery

Below, find out more about these five art galleries in Guatemala that you need to add to your list of places to visit – don’t miss them!

Carlos Merida National Museum of Modern Art

We started our guide to cultural activities in Guatemala City with the Carlos Merida National Museum of Modern Art. This museum was inaugurated in 1934 under the name of “Museo Nacional de Historia y Bellas Artes” with the purpose of promoting the art of the Modern Age in Guatemala. It was in 1986 that it took its current name in honor of the master Carlos Merida, one of the main exponents of Guatemalan modern art thanks to his paintings and murals.

Inside the museum you will find several permanent exhibition rooms where you can admire the work of modern Guatemalan artists and their works, as well as a room dedicated to the artist Carlos Merida. You can also visit its temporary exhibition hall where both Guatemalan and international artists present their best works in the same place.

La Erre

We continue our tour with one of the most interesting contemporary art galleries in Guatemala: La Erre. Located in the sector of Cuatro Grados Norte, La Erre defines itself as a cultural space of art and design. This is the meeting point for those who are in search of everything that revolves around art and design today.

From the moment you enter, you will be able to see a great variety of contemporary works and artistic pieces, always in constant change. La Erre is home to a diverse number of artistic activities and temporary exhibitions, so we recommend you visit its monthly calendar to see its most recent presentations. As you can see, this is a must for modern art lovers.

Rozas Botrán Foundation

The Rozas Botrán Foundation is on our list as it is one of the art galleries in Guatemala City that promotes art and culture, exhibiting the best of various Central American artists. The foundation has two locations in the city where you can be impressed with the different paintings and sculptures on display.

Each space shows the talent of different Central American artists. If you are interested in learning more about the work and social work of the foundation, take one of their guided tours so you can take advantage of your visit.

El Túnel Gallery

The El Túnel art gallery is located in the Plaza Obelisco in zone 10 of Guatemala City. Here you will find exhibitions dedicated to the art of the 21st century with works by Guatemalan artists. Through paintings, photographs and sculptures, the El Túnel gallery hosts diverse artistic expressions for all tastes.

This gallery also hosts different events and temporary works that are constantly changing. It is a good option to let yourself be impressed by all that Guatemala City has to offer when it comes to artistic expression. Organize your visit and remember to take advantage of the option to schedule your trip with Uber in and out.

The Old Art Gallery

We could not finish our list without showing you one of the most recognized art galleries in Antigua, Guatemala: La Antigua Galeria de Arte. Founded in 1996, this gallery is the right place if you are in Antigua, Guatemala and want to soak up contemporary Latin American art.

Its fame lies in the fact that it houses paintings by more than 60 Guatemalan and Latin American artists in a colonial space, which is also worthy of appreciation. This is the perfect setting to breathe art in one of the most recognized cities in the country and in Central America. What more could you ask for?

Wherever you choose to visit, these five art galleries in Guatemala offer indescribable experiences for all art lovers and their ramifications. Remember that when deciding where to go first, you can do all of these cultural activities in Guatemala with Uber. Your return trip will be comfortable and safe, and it’s time for some memorable experiences!