What is artistic drawing

What is artistic drawing

Have you ever witnessed a drawing that has conveyed some emotion or feeling to you? If your answer is yes, you probably want to know what is behind all the art that makes a drawing or graphic form able to generate such a sensation. Artistic drawing is the type of drawing that hides among its lines, the feelings of the artists who draw them. Continue reading the following article and find out everything you need to know about artistic drawing, its types and classification.

Artistic drawing is characterized by showing in a graphic way, everything that cannot be expressed in words, it is a discipline that is based on the tracing and outlining of figures and/or shapes that express in a visual way, the ideas and feelings of the artist. It is also known as the language of forms, since it allows the communication of emotions, ideas or feelings, without language limits or temporal and/or cultural barriers, only by means of figures, strokes and creative drawings.

It is not possible to identify a single technique established to ensure the success of an artistic drawing, however, each artist can perfect their work using their creativity, and through much effort and dedication, can achieve recognition of their work.

The techniques that artists use depend on the style of the artist and what he wants to transmit or express in the work, but there is no doubt that a good drawing is characterized by safe, firm and loose strokes. Another of the main characteristics of the artistic drawing is that in this one a deep intellectualization of the objects is carried out to be synthesized in a subjective way.

As mentioned above, in this discipline there are many different techniques and styles of drawing, but there are several types of artistic drawing already defined, from which you can start to let your imagination run wild and add your own style.

Among the main techniques we can find the following:

Basic artistic drawing

This type of drawing is ideal for beginners, since it is an “easy” artistic drawing, in which simple techniques are used such as freehand drawing, strokes, composition, measurements and proportions.


It is often used to complement ideas in a text with images, which help the reader to better understand the written information.


It is a faithful and realistic representation of people, in this type of drawing, it is intended to reflect in great detail the distinctive features of the portrait. Techniques based on pencil, charcoal, ink, crayons are usually used, and even digital programs or tools are currently used.


This is a striking type of drawing, since like the portrait, the caricature seeks to reflect the characteristic features of the portrayed person, however, it exaggerates or minimizes them, to generate This type of artistic drawing of fiction can often be found incorporated into illustrations or graphic novels. It is also common for a cartoonist who produces portraits to modify them to incorporate some elements of a character.


Hyperrealistic artistic drawing consists of “exaggerated realism”, that is, it is extremely detailed. To achieve this type of drawing, the artist usually takes a photograph as a reference, in which he manages to identify the smallest details to reproduce them in his work in an exaggerated way.


This type of artistic drawing is done on murals with spray paints. They are characterized by representing figures that transmit a feeling or ideas of the artist. They are usually colorful and have great contrast. There is a lot of controversy regarding this type of drawing, since it can be considered an act of vandalism, however, the detail of the works and the purpose of them, gives them a great artistic value.

Still lifes

This classic still life representation is usually used to learn and practice the art of painting, however, the details and characteristics that each artist adds to his work, allow them to be considered as a type of artistic drawing. It is incredible what a still life drawing can transmit to the viewer!


This type of artistic drawing has a high number of fans worldwide. It is a series of graphics that tell parts of a story, medium science fiction characters, humor, romance, etc.

Now you know more about artistic drawing, its incredible power and the different types that exist. Dare to try different techniques and find your own style, you can start by appreciating the works of another artist to find inspiration. Remember that behind a good artistic drawing, there are many hidden feelings and sensations.